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bad career moves

SJP Sarah Jessica Parker, SJP, as she is commonly know, she got slammed. She got slammed because she showed up at the Metgala “looking old.” She got slammed, trolled, belittled, and degraded. Apparently, she made some “bad career moves.” It was as if she had no right to be seen on the red carpet! It […]


the capsule wardrobe that captures it

Wardrobe NYC Capsule Wardrobe If you could buy a high quality, capsule wardrobe that perfectly aligned with your style, for a very reasonable price, would you? Sound like a complicated question? It’s not, and I say yes! This, at Wardrobe NYC, is the capsule wardrobe that captures it for me. I recently found this brand, and I’m more […]


baby it’s cold

Photo: TheImageDirect.com Baby It’s Cold Apropo of nothing at all, I just liked this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker. I think she looks great with her Robin Hood like boots, her big, wooly coat, and her rimless glasses. But the best thing is: her two bags! Maybe you remember that I take pictures of 2 […]