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everybody knows

everybody knows paris dior good things quoting mississippi goddamn We all know it, everybody knows, there are two United States right now. Places are split down the middle, and people have been forced to choose sides. And somehow I’m feeling like that’s ok, it happens in history, times like these.    Smart people hate to […]


Italian story, part II: La Bella Figura

To see the first part of this story, go here. I woke up early, and super-excited to be in Rome. I took a good, long bath in an old, deep tub in the hotel’s communal bathroom. There was no shower, just a tub with one of those European hoses that at times can be quite […]


Italian story, Italian style

I have a romantic tale to tell. There once was a young woman, vacationing alone in Italy. She had come from the United States, landed in London and immediately headed south. After traveling by train down the the boot that is Italy, she arrived in Rome. As the train pulled into the station, the summer-kissed Roman boys stuck their […]