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living coral

living coral  python living in interesting times “tit” for tat quoting Coral, “living coral,” the color of the year for 2019. Ironic, of course,  because the coral isn’t lasting. Nevertheless, I’m stalking the stores and internet for coral! In general, I’ve been on a sort of color kick lately. “Hot” colors, muted colors, and colors […]


color pop

When you wear mostly black, when it’s your “base layer” so to speak, what do you do if you want to splash around with a bit of color? You go for the pop. You can do it with almost any article of clothing. Scarves are a common way of adding color to any basic outfit, but you can also […]



The persimmon color of this woman’s jacket is my new orange. I saw it everywhere in Paris. I think it looks great, especially with the cream of the rest of her clothes and her pink bag. I would never wear it—just wouldn’t wear persimmon—but I would definitely paint a wall this color. Or perhaps an entire  kitchen? […]

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