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i am an exponent of myself

Women Working This is artist and performer, DB Lampman. I spotted her when she was moving through the trees, looking like a creature from a Sendak book. It was just another happening in Central Park. She may look a bit forbidding, but she was lovely. DB told me she had been working with/on this creation, “I Am an […]


Mara, continued

To see Mara, part 1 click here. Below, part 2. How do you know when you are seeing something beautiful? I feel completely seduced, enjoying a private joyous moment. It could be the way the light hits a wall, the reflection of raindrops on a window, a gesture, a moment, a sound. Describe your beauty. Spontaneous. […]



Mara and I first met a long time ago, when we were young. There’s something wonderful about saying that, “when we were young.” I think Mara would agree, and think she’d also agree with me that one reason is because the road from when we were young to now we are older, is fraught with all […]