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everybody knows

everybody knows paris dior good things quoting mississippi goddamn We all know it, everybody knows, there are two United States right now. Places are split down the middle, and people have been forced to choose sides. And somehow I’m feeling like that’s ok, it happens in history, times like these.    Smart people hate to […]


babouched again, everlane

When in Paris, many of us like to take pictures of the blue doors of Paris. They’ve become cliché. There are postcards and posters, and posts on blogs, all celebrating the blue door. I’m not embarassed though, to say I have my own folder of blue doors. What is it about them? What is it? Is it […]



The persimmon color of this woman’s jacket is my new orange. I saw it everywhere in Paris. I think it looks great, especially with the cream of the rest of her clothes and her pink bag. I would never wear it—just wouldn’t wear persimmon—but I would definitely paint a wall this color. Or perhaps an entire  kitchen? […]

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the blue door


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