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assembling a palette

assembling a palette alabama chanin quoting Do artists “make up” a palette, “create” a palette, choose a palette deliberately and with great forethought, or do they perhaps conjure one up? I’m not sure what the proper term is, but I am sure someone will tell me soon, and in the meantime, I’m assembling a palette, a […]


good question

good question more polyester? What Is Polyester? A Closer Look into this “Love it or Hate it” Fabric One of the most gratifying things there is for a blogger is to get a question from a reader. It’s even better when it’s a good question that you think you can answer. You get to show off […]


Conservation Collection, Arkins and coral reefs

Pretty crazy calling an apparel collection “Conservation Collection”? It sounds a bit serious and it is. I’ve written about Germaine DeNigris of Arkins before. When I saw this new collection I knew I wanted to share it with you again. When I read about the impetus behind the name, I knew I had to.   “Moved […]