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pink and blue, mostly blue

“Ah, but I was so much older then I’m younger than that now.” Tough week for everyone this week? I was reminded of the Dylan song, My Back Pages.” Ah… I feel younger these days, young and in shock, and it’s not because I don’t get the technology, or the music, or the styles. I believe in evolution not […]


tuesday, yoga jones

Women Working Cental Park, by Conservatory Pond. Conservatory Pond is the pond you can sail little motorized sails boats on. It’s a really peaceful place to go sit if you want to be in the park but still around people, especially children. We go there most Sundays just to drink coffee, sit and be lazy. […]

color pop

When you wear mostly black, when it’s your “base layer” so to speak, what do you do if you want to splash around with a bit of color? You go for the pop. You can do it with almost any article of clothing. Scarves are a common way of adding color to any basic outfit, but you can also […]

Anna from Sweden

   Diary Of A Neophyte Blogger I approach…And I ask,”Can I take a picture of you?”  And she thinks, Oh, she looks harmless, sure.  Actually, she’s kind of nice, fun even… Oh, she wants more?  Gorgeous, no? Gorgeous, yes! A.