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“cold latex dipped in ketchup and horseradish”

cold latex dipped in ketchup and horseradish quoting “Some things are the same as ever. The shrimp cocktail has always tasted like cold latex dipped in ketchup and horseradish. The steak sauce has always tasted like the same ketchup and horseradish fortified by corn syrup.” That’s just one of the memorable lines from Pete Wells, […]


The True Cost, Balmain and H&M

First let me say, please see the film The True Cost. People have been saying if you wear clothes, you have to see it. I’d add, if you consider yourself socially and morally responsible, you have to see it. I would say, if you care about the environment and environmental degradation, you have to see it. I would also […]


hidden costs of customer service #getreal

I spoke with a young journalist yesterday, who was following up on last Sunday’s New York Times article, The Price of Nice Nails. She contacted me after I tweeted about the speedy response the article had resulted in. It had taken just one day (!) for the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, to announce he would be doing something “as soon as possible” about […]