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baby it’s cold

Photo: TheImageDirect.com Baby It’s Cold Apropo of nothing at all, I just liked this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker. I think she looks great with her Robin Hood like boots, her big, wooly coat, and her rimless glasses. But the best thing is: her two bags! Maybe you remember that I take pictures of 2 […]


what to wear to the resistance

Cashmere socks, simply the most comfy, cozy luxury for your feet. Because you’ll be wearing I’m-going-to-kick-some-butt boots, the cashmere socks are going to be an absolute necessity. Your fellow resisters don’t need to know what’s on your feet, or how much it costs. Let them wear Smartwool! Cashmere for the rest of us. March on! It’s […]


NFP, New Form Perspective Studio

New Form Perspective. That’s a pretty ballsy thing for a designer to call their work, and yet that’s what Gail Travis’s business and design process is called.   “Gail Travis has designed a collection of smart geometric shapes and styles that are of the moment, but not bound by time. Each piece has the ability […]