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lost: my millennial

I lost my millennial, but all is not lost. It’s alright, and my search for a collaborator is on again. If anyone out there wants to work with a beautiful mess, contact me. Onward and upward! Lists Christmas lists, there are so many Christmas gift lists out there! Rather than do another, I’m going a […]


found: my millennial

Voilà Two years ago, I wrote a post telling you that I was looking for a millennial to collaborate with on the blog. Do good things come to those who wait? I don’t know, but today I’m happy to say, found: my millennial. Let me introduce you to Manu.  From today, Manu will be an integral […]


wanted: millennial

I’m looking for a millennial to be my business partner. It’s been over a year since I started blogging. Even in the very beginning, I was pretty sure that I would eventually want a partner, or at the least someone to collaborate closely with. At the time I was quite certain that that person would have […]