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black or white

I have always felt that there are some few things that are either black or white, few, but still, some. I never had children, these, I feel, are my children.


patterned clothing, yes or no?

If I dislike wearing color, it’s nothing compared to how I feel about patterns in general, and patterned clothing specifically. Actually no, that’s not it. I have to face the issue head on. I don’t like cheap patterns! What are cheap patterns?  Cheap patterns are patterns that haven’t been designed but copied. A cheap pattern is an […]


Fall colors 2015, do you buy it?

In the throes of working on, and struggling with, this post, I picked up the June/July Harper’s Bazaar. Leafing through it, on page 156, I found “How To Wear Color Now” by Lisa Armstrong. It doesn’t get more opportune than that! I decided to quote liberally from the article, both because it confirms what I’ve been wanting to say […]