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bees gotta make honey

bees gotta make honey good things quoting bees   Unless you’ve been living in a bag, you know that bees are endangered and that’s bad news for us humans. Who doesn’t love bees? Everyone except those who have recently been bitten by a bee, I suppose. In any case, bees gotta make honey, and we […]


stunning mary keitany

stunning mary keitany goddesses more mending quoting mary keitany Karsten Moran for The New York Times Last year, after Sharlane Flanagan won the New York City Marathon, I coined the term, “to Flanagan,” and although it didn’t really take off, I still like it. This year that small, powerhouse of a woman, Mary Keitany, won […]



inbox mending unsubscribe quoting From my inbox this morning, this” jacket,” “The Robe,” made of Italian camel-hair. It’s from Ayr, classic, and it comes in xs-2x. That’s inclusion, and you can order it now.  visiblemending.com There is a whole renaissance of mending going on among slow fashion and sustainability proponents. It’s a veritable movement! And because […]