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thursday, marie hell and personal style

Not Frou Frou Brown and camel is a classic color combination, especially for Fall. This dress from Marie Hell is a perfect example of the mellowness of the two colors. There’s nothing jarring and showy about it. Brown and camel can look good on blonds, brunettes, and grey haired ladies like me. This Marie Hell dress […]


tuesday, marie hell

Marie Hell I did a couple of photo shoots recently for my friends at Marie Hell. This one took place at Lincoln Center. It’s an inspiring venue due to the architecture, the fountain, and other public art and spaces. This Marie, the Play, is one of my favorite “Maries” for several reasons. I love the color, it’s […]

off-shoulder options

As we all know, “off shoulders” is very big this summer. I really love the trend, but I’ve yet to find something for myself. My one big question about it is, please tell me: is it comfortable? Nevertheless, when I saw this new Marie Hell one-sleeved tunic, besides finding it striking, there was something compelling about it. […]

making connections

It’s been a good year. I’ve been working hard: writing, styling clothes, taking pictures, watching women watch themselves, trying to understand what women do want.  I started to blog when it seemed like diversity was finally hitting the runway, and it wasn’t hard to find women who were tired of the same stale stereotypes about older women. […]