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5 worst blogging mistakes, plus

  Lisellote Watkins Falk 5 Worst Blogging Mistakes Once you begin blogging, you become aware of “confession flavored” posts, written by bloggers, like mine today. They often start with something like: “This is what I’ve learned…” I read those posts early on, and mostly I heeded the advice.  Know your audience Develop an editorial calendar […]


attachment and loss, you will lose what you love

You will lose everything you were once most proud of, you will lose everything you love. I’m not talking about your house, car, or occupation, although you’ll lose those things as well. Here I’m talking about those little things you were once a bit vain about, those things. The slim legs, the bountiful hair, the radiant complexion, […]


the hairy armpit

To shave or not to shave? When it comes to women’s armpits, most of the world screams: YES!!!  But wait. Not so fast, I say! I actually really like hairy armpits. On both men and women. Maybe it’s something about the wildness, the animal-like, the savage, even. Paradoxically, for me there is also something very vulnerable about a woman with […]