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made in america

Vogue Magazine Earring Of The Day I’ve been swooning over these earings from Annie Costello, for far too long. For god’s sake: I want, I need, I must have! Who else is feeling greedier and greedier as the holiday season goes careening along? I’m blaming this too on “the times” we live in, I’m blaming […]


this is not a sale

40%, 50%, 70% off? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember when we were thrilled to get 10% or 20% off at any SALE, even at Christmas? So why the change? A skirt was originally priced at $200, and now it’s down to $60? Wonderful, you say?  Not so fast, think about […]


La fille Colette

I love it, of course, being approached by designers asking me to feature their work. When the person who approaches me is a young American designer who cares about quality, and slow, ethical fashion, it’s especially nice to say yes. Based in Boston, Colette Chrétien is the designer and founder of La fille Colette. Her debut collection was made on Cape […]