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the satisfaction of mending

the satisfaction of mending glorious hilma discovered: manner market quoting I feel rather smug really, what’s it called, “virtue signaling?” “Why yes of course I mend my clothes.” I’ve always enjoyed the satisfaction of mending, but now, I’ve taken it to a new level. I don’t care who I’m satisfying, my “inner peasant,” who takes […]


2017, the year of tipping points

The Versace Spring 2018 finale. Photo: Imaxtree Inbox This comes from my inbox, an article from Fashionista.  “WHY THE FASHION WORLD EMBRACED AGE INCLUSIVITY IN 2017” While there will be plenty of reasons to say good riddance to 2017, in one way, it’s been the year many of us have been waiting for.   “The […]


how to know your style

Practice The title of Alyson Walsh’s new book, Know Your Style, sums up perfectly the best style advice for everyone, always. It’s not necessary to adhere to some “code,” or establish a strict uniform, but in order to be even just the slightest bit stylish, you need to know what style is more you, than not.   Before knowing […]