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setting a mood

setting a mood iveta vecmane erdem iosselliani quoting That fragment, of a Pina Bausch ballet creates an intense and unforgettable mood for me. All of a sudden I’m in some Viennese café, gazing at raindrops on the window, waiting for my coffee with whipped cream, happy to have no other place I have to be. […]


helter skelter

Helter Skelter Give Me Shelter I’m very helter skelter today. I’m foggy around the edges, it’s after 10:00 and I haven’t even read my email yet. I’m pushing myself to finish this post by noon for God’s sake! I had a job interview yesterday, and I’m not at all sure it went well. How do […]


ethnic beauty, sisterhood of similar looks

What do people mean when they say “she looks ethnic?” What is ethnic beauty? Lately, when talking about looks, “ethnic” seems to be the code word for African American or Latino, but lots of us are white and ethnic. For example, my Latvian sisters and I. We don’t hide from the term “ethnic”. To us, mostly […]