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living in glass houses

Arturs Virtmanis Living in Glass Houses Has it all blown over? Is it alright for me to come out and tell you what I thought about Michelle Wolf and  the disingenuous reaction to her appearance at the White House Correspondence Dinner? Have we already moved on to this week’s “pearl clutching” incident? You see, it […]


small objects

Cellar I have a love/hate relationship with blue. A lot of the time, light blue just fills me with loathing. On the other hand, the color that’s called lapis lazuli, after the stone, stills me and that’s really something! And like many of us, I am often drawn to small objects. What is it about little […]



Happy Thursday… New Instagram to follow www.instagram.com/popmyeyes/ It’s edgy, sexual, macabre, artistic, some will say creepy. If you don’t like things like that, don’t click on it. I like it because it’s creative, inspiring, and at times my eyes do pop.  Picture of the week I’ve written before about how rapidly retail is changing, this picture illustrates […]