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when the truth eludes you

Detail of a work by Thornton Dial at the Met Breuer when the truth eludes you quoting pay up What do you do when the truth eludes you? When you just can’t get the unvarnished truth, when it seems to be almost hiding from you, when you suspect that there’s actually some truth on both […]


Sarah Jane Adams

This is Sarah Jane Adams and me. We sat in a coffee shop for a couple of hours the other day and talked—and I know it sounds cliché, but I felt like I had known her a long time. Sometimes you meet someone who seems like a friend, mentor, role model, sister, all of it, and […]


Style & Conversation

The second of two kindred spirits I have met lately is Esther. What can I say about Esther, the woman behind Style & Conversation? That she is beautiful, that she has great style, that she is intelligent, and that she is genuinely nice. She makes you feel comfortable and appreciated. She’s sensitive — a word we don’t usually […]