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the beauty of time

This beautiful Latvian woman, Ilze, is wearing one of the wraps made by Inese. I waited a while to post it because it seemed like I needed the right day. This is the day. To see more of Inese’s work, go here. A.

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Inese, continued

I’m asking each of the women I profile five questions about beauty. Here are the questions, and Inese’s answers. I love them, just love them. (See yesterday’s post for an intro to Inese.) How do you know when you’re seeing something beautiful? I smile. Sometimes I only notice I’m smiling when my cheeks cramp up, for instance after a day […]



Let me introduce you to Inese Liepins. Inese is the younger sister of one of my oldest friends.  Inese is an artist, who works in many different media. Here she is blowing glass, in Lithuania. She also knits gorgeous sweaters, dresses, and scarves. Look at inesedesign.com. She lives in Riga, Latvia, where she moved from San Francisco, after a […]