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wednesday, maye musk

Maye Musk I had already drafted this post about stripes when, this morning, I found this additional picture of Maye Musk at NYFW. Very little makeup, grey hair, bold stripes, what’s not to love? Look at the little detail at the hem of the pants!  While I would never wear this look, Maye’s height, posture, and elegant composure […]


lush, plush, feels good

I love velvet. It’s lush, it’s plush, it feels good. Once upon a time, I thought of velvet as something for old ladies who wore gowns to the opera. Then, about five years ago, I bought a velvet dress from Nili Lotan and fell in love with this amazing, versatile fabric. I wear the dress at night and […]

The True Cost, Balmain and H&M

First let me say, please see the film The True Cost. People have been saying if you wear clothes, you have to see it. I’d add, if you consider yourself socially and morally responsible, you have to see it. I would say, if you care about the environment and environmental degradation, you have to see it. I would also […]

don’t decorate yourself

There’s a difference between details and decorations. Details are an integral part of an overall design, but decorations, or embellishment just for the sake of embellishment, detract from design. We decorate a Christmas tree, that’s nice, but don’t decorate yourself. I started writing about this idea in my Rule #1. Don’t try so hard post. All […]