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texture of life

Texture I’ve been thinking about how important texture is lately, the texture of life. Too much texture though and things can become overwhelming. The streets of New York are nothing if not textured, literally and figuratively this city is a place of extreme texture. I had to get out to air my brain yesterday, so […]


fur heaven’s sake

Chin Chi The first time I touched the fur of a chinchilla, I realized I could never wear fur again. It’s precious really, this little cuff of rabbit fur I found at one of my favorite fabric stores. It’s soft, so soft that you can almost not feel it. I first experienced that when I […]


what the heart wants

Me and My Blue Monster Written by Leslie Coff, artist, writer, and friend of Look For The Woman.    I try to be conservative in my dress. I do. After having lived many years in the land of self-expression – and many other years in the American South, which is all about big florals and bright […]