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the smell of entitlement

Fantasy Dresses   Don’t Call Me Girl   Plussize Activewear   Riffing With The Accidental Icon      Fantasy I’ve been fantasizing. I’ve been fantasizing about where I could wear this very “not me” dress. Cinque Terre, maybe. Greece, possibly. Paris, probably not. A balcony in Verona. God, how I need fantasy lately! I go […]


finding Jane Bond

Who is your inner Jane Bond? Who’s the woman inside you who’s sexy, adventurous, highly competent… almost perfect except for one or two little flaws that only add to your considerable charm?



The other day, I went to what I guess would be called a private jewelry party. The Italian craftswoman, Rosita Gioielli, was there with her treasure trove. To see more of her work, check out her elegant website. It’s funny how you can like something but never imagine yourself wearing it. That’s how I feel about Rosita’s jewelry style. It’s […]