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2017, the year of tipping points

The Versace Spring 2018 finale. Photo: Imaxtree Inbox This comes from my inbox, an article from Fashionista.  “WHY THE FASHION WORLD EMBRACED AGE INCLUSIVITY IN 2017” While there will be plenty of reasons to say good riddance to 2017, in one way, it’s been the year many of us have been waiting for.   “The […]


what now fashion blogger? tattered thoughts

  My thoughts are in tatters, like an old scarf lying in a basket of thrift shop rejects.   “What now fashion blogger?” Am I really going to write about fashion and style when some people are afraid they’re going to be deported? Am I going to talk about the latest boot trends while others are wearing […]


women working, a member of my tribe?

Ethnic beauty, diversity, different definitions of beauty—concepts that are dear to me. I’ve written about the feeling of sisterhood that I experience when I see women who look like they come from my tribe.  I saw this woman out of the corner of my eye, tending bar in a local restaurant. She caught my eye, […]