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bigger questions—walk sew good

Bigger Questions This is Gab Murphy, of Walk Sew Good. She is one of the women that the authors Brera and Nesi paid “tribute” to in their book, “Everything Is Broken Up and Dances: The Crushing of the Middle Class.” Gab Murphy and Megan O’Malley walked the talk, literally, they walked 3500km through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and […]


10 quick ways to lose my respect

I’m a list maker. I think women are genetically predisposed to making lists. Maybe it’s because we have so much to do, for f**k sake! For instance: 1. Stop swearing! 2. Start again. I’m a list maker, but if there’s one thing I’m really tired of it’s other people’s lists. For example: The 5 Best Ways To Set […]