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tuesday, yoga jones

Women Working Cental Park, by Conservatory Pond. Conservatory Pond is the pond you can sail little motorized sails boats on. It’s a really peaceful place to go sit if you want to be in the park but still around people, especially children. We go there most Sundays just to drink coffee, sit and be lazy. […]


women working, the ballerina mime

It was a hot and humid day, when I walked past the ballerina mime in Central Park. I had seen other people doing this kind of mime work, but never the ballerina. I’ve speculated about the grueling aspects of this job versus what might be considered the “perks.”  You don’t have to move, you get to […]

the real real

I would rather strip naked and pose in the middle of a Manhattan avenue than have a picture of my face taken. That said, here I am in all of my unvarnished glory. This photograph was taken by Bruce Janklow and the process and final outcome is the direct opposite of the Photoshop process; this is […]