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a bathing suit for us

I’ve been thinking about a “bathing suit for us” for two or three years now. In my mind I would design all kinds of possible variations—but I’m not a designer and my designs would just be filed away in the won’t happen file. Then I met Germaine DeNigris of Arkins, a young designer with talent, […]


welcome to my garment district

Patterns Welcome to my “garment district.” If you’ve never seen a garment made, here’s a glimpse into the process, a process dear to me because of my grandfather, who was a tailor. When I see these pictures of Germaine DeNigris, of Arkins, working, I can hear the pattern paper rustling, the pins rattling in the little tin box, the […]


women working

Although I’ve written about her designs before, I’m really just getting to know Germaine DeNigris, from Arkins. I’ve admired Germaine’s work, and her commitment to slow and ethical fashion, since I bought an Arkins dress last winter. More recently, I’ve come to admire her open and collaborative nature.  I’m thrilled to say that Germaine and I are […]