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inbox mending unsubscribe quoting From my inbox this morning, this” jacket,” “The Robe,” made of Italian camel-hair. It’s from Ayr, classic, and it comes in xs-2x. That’s inclusion, and you can order it now.  visiblemending.com There is a whole renaissance of mending going on among slow fashion and sustainability proponents. It’s a veritable movement! And because […]


never underestimate a snowflake

I’m A Snowflake I’m a snowflake, I’m one of those people who are supposed to be fragile, so delicate that we are offended by the slightest criticism. It’s a funny notion, it rejects traits like sensitivity, empathy, and compassion. It assumes a lack of strength and resilience. It is, of course, wrong.  When they questioned […]


a day of quotation marks

Ugh Ugh, I woke up with a cold nose. I woke up with a cold nose, and that is not a good sign given that I don’t live in a cabin in Vermont, that’s heated with a wood-burning stove. And I was sleeping under a down comforter with a man who radiates heat like a, […]