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women working

I’m fascinated by the tools, machines, and accoutrements used by people who work with their hands. I love the sewing machines, tailor’s boards, bobbins and bits in tailor’s shops. The knives and wooden spoons, pots and graters, new and old appliances in a well-appointed kitchen are fascinating. Jeweler’s hammers, files, and casting tools are beautiful. Almost any artist’s studio, […]


finding your voice—repost

Since I’ve been sick at home the past few days, mostly in a horizontal position, my “voice” has been stymied, and I’ve found that to be frustrating. I just haven’t been able to sit up and write. However, it has given me the opportunity to lie around and think about this, one of my favorite topics: […]

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Let me introduce you to Inese Liepins. Inese is the younger sister of one of my oldest friends.  Inese is an artist, who works in many different media. Here she is blowing glass, in Lithuania. She also knits gorgeous sweaters, dresses, and scarves. Look at inesedesign.com. She lives in Riga, Latvia, where she moved from San Francisco, after a […]