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monday, Rei Kawakubo

Rei Kawakubo I went to the “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between” exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum yesterday. That’s a big, long title for a big exhibit of a larger than life fashion designer, and nothing I just wrote feels quite right. There doesn’t seem to be much pretension about Kawakubo. “Personally, I don’t […]


Anna Wintour and bare arms

I wrote recently about my “profound sadness” at reading about women our age wanting to hide their arms. I exaggerate, but it’s something I am very much interested in, if not obsessed with. Then yesterday, perusing some of the channels of social media that I do, I discovered this picture of Anna Wintour.  And hallelujah […]


attachment and loss, you will lose what you love

You will lose everything you were once most proud of, you will lose everything you love. I’m not talking about your house, car, or occupation, although you’ll lose those things as well. Here I’m talking about those little things you were once a bit vain about, those things. The slim legs, the bountiful hair, the radiant complexion, […]