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accountability, bitches

accountability transformers at universal standard quoting bitches  What if you could be accountable to someone for the things you most want to happen for yourself? And what’s your reaction to that question?  “I’m accountable only to myself.” “I’m not accountable to anybody.” “I don’t need or want to be accountable to anybody.” Maybe you think […]


less is more or more is more?

Coco Chanel said take one thing off, Iris Apfel said put one more thing on. I say, it depends!    I say you have to know who you are, what you’re wearing, and what you want to say. You could go out with a dress, shoes, a bag, and absolutely nothing else, maybe just a wedding ring. Although […]


#unfollow for accessories

If you can’t afford Cartier, Gucci, or Celine, where do you go for accessories?   Where to get those fantastic things that are going to make even your jeans and sweatshirt look haute? Yesterday’s post was all about accessorizing, but I realize some of us might not know exactly where to buy nice scarves, jewelry, belts, etc — especially […]