the summer of stripes?

Stripes are controversial and rightly so, because they can be hard to pull off. Well, along come my friends at Farfetch to show us how to wear stripes (and to help make my blog look sweet). I hadn’t thought of Farfetch in awhile when, walking down the street, I happened to see their latest ad which says: “For fashion lovers, not followers. Unfollow.” Nice social twist, right?

I have hardly ever worn stripes, and when I have, I felt somehow uncomfortable. I felt like I was trying to look like someone in a Ralph Lauren ad, or Picasso in his bohemian Basque top. And then there was the thought that stripes made you look “big,” especially horizontal stripes. And what kind of stripes? Wide ones, thin ones, alternating widths, or perhaps diagonal? What pieces of clothing, what kinds of clothing, how bright, how much? To the beach? To the opera? What kind of stripes are best for me?

It’s a puzzle, but one worth solving, I think. I have to admit that stripes look cheery, energetic. For those of us who aren’t much into patterns, they’re a different kind of pattern; they still beg for a certain level of commitment, but not the kind that, say, florals do. Stripes seem to make a serious, adult statement. So, maybe I’ll rethink the stripes thing this year. Check out the beautiful examples and then get your stripes? Follow/unfollow…





  • Lisa Froman says:

    I like stripes on models in magazines, but I don’t think most people in real life can pull them off. I have a hard time wearing patterns too, but I did force myself to buy a cool floral shirt …and while it doesn’t feel like “me” when I wear it, it does feel and look feminine.

    • Anita Irlen says:

      Hi Tao Flashes,
      In the past, I felt the same way. Strictly a New York City black wearing woman, so much so that light grey was adventurous for me. Recently though, I bought a striped top. I’m going to write about that on the blog. The classic Picasso look. Let’s see how I do with it….


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