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The second of two kindred spirits I have met lately is Esther. What can I say about Esther, the woman behind Style & Conversation? That she is beautiful, that she has great style, that she is intelligent, and that she is genuinely nice. She makes you feel comfortable and appreciated. She’s sensitive — a word we don’t usually pair with strong, as if someone can’t be both sensitive and strong. Well, Esther is both, and you can meet her on her blog, here.

Esther and I originally discovered each other on Instagram. (Just one of many reasons I love social media: you can actually meet people.) We began like-ing, and then commenting on, each other’s posts. When Esther told me she was coming to New York, we agreed to meet at a restaurant called Balthazaar. I know it sounds like a cliché, but the moment I sat down with Esther, I knew I’d found someone special. You know that’s true when you start talking and it feels like you’ve known each other for a long time. P.S. We both happen to have been born in Australia… 

On Style & Conversation, Esther talks about the kinds of things that concern and interest me: quality vs. quantity, stereotypes, taking care of yourself, and even coming undone. She is authentic, and you feel it. She speaks from experience but isn’t overly confessional (a blogging style that I hope, maybe, has reached it’s zenith).

While, as I’ve said, I love social media, I don’t deny that there’s an awful lot of inauthentic, superficial stuff out there. It’s hard to wade through all the murk to get to the clarity. But when you find that clarity, it really is worth the slog. Esther has that kind of clarity. It’s not the clarity of pretend perfection. It’s the kind of clarity that comes with openness, experience, and honesty. And while she does write about herself, she thinks about others. 

“I don’t regret the wrong posts, the mistakes, each one helps me slowly learn how to how to tell stories and each one gets me another step closer to where I want to be; writing for you rather than about myself, even if my own stories are intertwined – but it’s still hard to admit it when I’ve taken a wrong turn even though that’s how I’ve discovered a direction that’s finally beginning to feel right.”

So what’s the catch? Well for me, there’s only one: Esther lives in London and I live in New York City. For me, for now, I’ll have to wait to visit London, but it’s great to know that when I do I’ll be able to meet Esther for brunch there. If you live in London, perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to avail yourself of Esther’s expertise and character, too. What can I say? Kindred spirits.






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  • Well, what can I say? You are such a generous person, Anita, this blog post has left me pretty much speechless by your incredibly kind words! I am sincerely very touched. Thank you, thank you – I’m so glad we met and yes, please come to London soon so that we can meet up again! With love from across the pond, Esther xx

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