stunning mary keitany

stunning mary keitany
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mary keitany

Karsten Moran for The New York Times

Last year, after Sharlane Flanagan won the New York City Marathon, I coined the term, “to Flanagan,” and although it didn’t really take off, I still like it.

This year that small, powerhouse of a woman, Mary Keitany, won the New York City Marathon.

She passed by me, and although I’ve seen quite a few men and women elite, marathon runners up close, once again I was in total awe of her strength and beauty.

Stunning, I think the word is.

She was far, far ahead of the pack, and like all the elite runners, it looked like she was taking a short jog in the park. And what makes the site more beautiful, is that you know how much sweat and tears it takes to do something like this. Respect.

This is Paralympian, Manuela Schär, the winner of the wheelchair portion of the marathon. So powerful, so determined, stunning. 


Those women are goddesses, they really earn their laurel wreaths. I’m here playing at it, really getting into taking selfies with my new, little tripod and remote. Throw on a length of linen, and see what happens.

I’ve been inspired by one woman, Jamie Beck, of Ann Street Studio.

I’ve “known” Jamie for so long, that in my mind, she’s my friend. When I had the opportunity to meet her, I immediately loved her more, because not only is she gloriously beautiful, she is sweet, and kind, and simply lovely. She is also pregnant now, and to see her self-portraits is like taking in fresh, sunny air. See her Instagram feed.

more mending

Here’s the book I mentioned the other day, Mending Matters, by Katrina Rodabaugh.

I really should know better than to “show and tell,” before anything is actually done, but I started reading the book last night, and I got excited! These are the jeans I’m going to try to mend and make look like those above. Wish me luck.


“The body is a sacred garment.”

—Martha Graham




  • Leslie says:

    Tell me…have you looked at
    They are no longer, I don’t think…doing the stitch work they were known for (the Alabama Stitch Book)…But this new mending trend reminds me of what they did so beautifully.

  • Brikka says:

    Good luck with your project! I took a sashiko mending class at Make Workshop in Brooklyn and though I don’t quite have the hang of it yet, I hope to give it some attention this winter.

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