start slow, or hit the ground running?


There are two schools of thought when it comes to how you should go about organizing your morning in order to optimize both self-care and productivity for the day.

How to get started.

One of course is to start slow and gently: get up, wrap up in something nice and soothing, get the mug of coffee or cup of tea, sit still, without media, maybe meditate, and only after these things are taken care of make a list of things “to do.”

The other way is to change location in order to kick-start your system and get the mind into a place for creativity.

Last week, when I heard about this second way and the focus it puts on creativity, I was reminded that this approach has worked for me in the past. I’ve always gravitated, quite naturally, to the second process. I’ve been the one to get out to the café, the gym, or to work early. It’s worked for me.

This morning, when I walked the Mr. to the subway, it proved itself again. The air was cool and fresh in Central Park, the little kids, running around on the lawns, looked like disorderly groups of modern dancers, and the stillness made me feel the coming change of season. 

Then, on the way back, I ran into a cream-colored, three-month old bulldog, with so much excess skin to cuddle…



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