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Because I believe that women of a certain age really do need eyebrows, and because I’ve always loved Frida Kahlo, and because brows are really, really in now, I recently went to a place called Boom Boom Brow Bar to get my brows “done”, meaning tinted and groomed. How could you not want to go to a place with a name like that? No appointment necessary! You can walk in, and then walk out fifteen minutes later channeling whichever brow queen you prefer. Click here to see Cara.

What’s crazy about Boom Boom is that, according to the woman who conceived of it and owns it, Malynda Vigliotti, it’s a “neighborhood place.” Meaning that it is in a neighborhood, not a “destination.” When I asked Malynda if she’s thought of opening a place in somewhere like Soho, she said she wasn’t really interested because she doesn’t want a transient clientele. And honestly, Malynda’s reputation and work means that she doesn’t really need another place in Soho. In short, she and her technicians are experts. They do brows and eyelash tinting and they do it in a place that really does feel like neighborhood.

Malynda was educated at FIT, The Fashion Institute of Technology. She opened Boom Boom in 2008, when she realized that she loved brows. And eyebrows, as we know, have never been the same since Cara Delevingne’s first selfie. Malynda believes that the brows are the most important feature of the face. And I say if the eyes are windows to the soul, then the brows are the frames! But as we get older, our brows tend to thin and fade. Our soul windows lose their luster, their ability, as the experts say, to pop. So that’s where Malynda and her staff step in. Above are the pictures of me going through the brow tinting process. 

The top picture is my before picture. I can say, and the staff agreed, that I have fairly nice brows. They’re not faded or thinned out yet. But what’s been noticeable to me is that the outer half have been fading and that tends to wash the whole brow out. So, second picture, the half brow tint that comes first because it is lighter than the rest. Looks devilish, right? And you can expect to see it on the runways soon…

Then, next picture down, the Groucho brow. After wiping off the half brow, my entire brow was tinted. What’s great is that the tint they use at Boom Boom is vegetable dye, no chemicals. Also, everyone gets their own little pot of dye mixed for them. Table side, so to speak; fresh dye, no germs, or old product! I’m noat sure you can say that about your average all-purpose salon. 

Finally, at the bottom, my finished brows. I love them because they do make my relatively small but nice eyes more noticeable. And although I wear some kind of eye makeup almost everyday, with my brows like this I feel like I need less makeup. That gives me more time and that’s cool. Thanks Boom Boom! Next time, eyelashes! Later this week, the finished product.

Below, the Boom Boom Brow Bar chandelier.





  • This place sounds fabulous! I don’t get my eyebrows dyed but I do sometimes darken the with a pencil and I have noticed that they are starting to get a bit patchy in places – argh! I cannot however, go without having my eyelashes tinted! Mine tend are very fair closest to the lids, rather than the tips – which is very strange. Ah, the things us women do for beauty! Although I have to admit I do quite enjoy a treatment here and there! Esther x

  • Oh dear, I am so sorry about the mistakes in my last comment – I’m usually very hot on corrections but I’m so, so tired tonight and not being very careful. There’s a ‘the’ that should be ‘them’ and where it says ‘mind tend’ it should just be ‘mine’. I think I need to go to bed! x

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