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slow, ethical, and sustainable
bathsheva hay
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Slow, Ethical, Sustainable

Behida Dadolić

By now you know the mantra: slow, ethical, and sustainable fashion is what I believe, and I hope you do too, we should be looking for in fashion.

I’m not expecting 100% adherence from myself or others, I’m just trying to adhere to what I believe, I’m just trying to walk the talk.

To that end, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite brands, with links and some pictures. I don’t cover some categories of clothing, but I’ve got some, of most of the basics. Some of the brands on this list I’ve talked about, others I haven’t, but I think they all deserve a look.

And, if you need some other category, just ask me and I will try to provide in the future.

Dresses, suits, separates:

Kal Rieman

Kal Rieman
Ajaie Alaie
Alabama Chanin

Article 22

Article 22







Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies

Organic Basics

Organic Basics

*Please note that you are trusting me here. I haven’t done exhaustive research into all of these brands, but I have done enough to satisfy myself. I know that these people are trying to do their work in as fully a slow, ethical, and sustainable way as is currently possible for them. 


I’m acutely aware of the fact that as a self-styled—funny term considering—fashion and style person, I can’t just give my readers a menu of things I like. That, you might call a diary or something…

So here I present you with Bathsheva, a  brand I would probably never, ever wear and yet like for its sheer thumbing of the nose at what is expected.

This is funked up, punked out “modesty” wear. And that’s exactly what caught my eye in this article about Bathsheva Hay, the woman behind Bathsheva. Here’s the story of Bathsheva. You know what?

“BATSHEVA is a New York-based ready-to-wear brand for women and girls. Founded in 2016 by Batsheva Hay, BATSHEVA plays with American styles of feminine dress – from Victorian to Pioneer; from Housewife to Hippie – by taking elements symbolic of restraint and repression (high collars, voluminous sleeves and skirts) and giving them a modern inflection. By retooling historical looks, BATSHEVA explores how to extract the strong and beautiful aspects of those styles while rejecting antiquated notions of womanhood.” 

Never say never, I wonder what I’d look like in this dress, “sunnies” and “trainers” included.

Good Things, Small, Heavy Packages

Ok, they’re not so small and definitely not light, but I love them. And imagine them nestled up against your big books once you move them from the coffee table. They’re from The Line.


“I have finally come to a place in my life that the journey of evolving brings me joy instead of believing I had my shit together.”

Jen CK Jacobs



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