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This is a reworked post, originally written in September. Please enjoy!


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Naina Redhu

She’s Still Got It

Maye Musk is one spectacular woman! So I was really pissed off when someone wrote, “she’s still got it.” 

Excuse me, but WTF? She’s still got it?

She’s got it like she always had it. She’s got it more now, than she ever did. She’s got it like lots of others have got it. Of course she’s got it!

While most of us will never stride down the catwalk in a gown as magnificent as this, we weren’t ever models, and we don’t live a life of wealth and privilege, we will reach this age.

That, of course, is what the writer was talking about, “she’s still got it” despite her age. 

I make the statement a lot in this zine, “things are changing,” and they are. Just the fact that women like Maye, the Accidental Icon, (Lyn Slater), and Benedetta Barzini are “walking,” is a big deal. Still, I’m tired of the stills, the buts, and the even thoughs.   

Why such incredulity when we wake-up from our youthful sleep and realize that age too is beautiful? 

We Are All Hillary Clinton

I’m equally distressed because, in the past few months, while Hillary Clinton has been promoting her new  book, What Happened, women are first commenting on how Hillary looks, “good,” and not the fact that she’s written a new book. 

We are all Hillary, because as we age, many things become harder for women rather than easier.

Have you noticed how the expectations and demands do not lessen? Have you noticed how the superficial “ideals” of beauty and accomplishment still matter more than the deeper, more nuanced, and lasting achievements?

Besides being beautiful, Maye Musk is a professional, a nutritionist, and the proud mother, of an incredibly successful son. And besides her considerable accomplishments, Hillary Clinton looks good these days.  

We are all multi-dimensional like Hillary and Maye, and I think it’s important for us to remember that. It’s not that surprising to me when men reduce women into bit-sized memes, but it’s important that we don’t do that to each other.    

Now I’m off to read about Malan Breton, the designer of that gown Maye Musk is wearing, and Naina Redhu, the photographer and blogger.



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  • Anita, you always find such fabulous items to feature here!

    Ugh, I really don’t like it when I hear/read that ‘description’ either. I find our attitudes to ageing and beauty fascinating though because I believe women are often one another’s harshest critics. I’ve been seriously considering having my hair chopped off, sticking to my natural colour and having a year of no makeup and nail polish, etc. and my first thought was, “Will my female friends/other women think I’m ugly?” Hmmm.

    Much love,

    Esther xx

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