saw this coming

saw this coming
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 Parker Curry


Saw this coming, yes I did. It seems I’m not just an empath, I’m a psychic as well. Or perhaps they’re the same thing? I don’t know. 

I saw a time when Ashton Applewhite, the author of the book This Chair Rocks, and the website Yo, Is This Ageist?, who I mentioned here, and here, and here too, would in some way come “face to face” with David Stewart, the man behind Ageist, see definition above. 

And then it happened, a woman wrote to Yo, Is This Ageist to ask if the Ageist was ageist.

In short, Applewhite said yes, it is. I’m not going to paste her short answer here, but if you’re at all interested in this aging and ageism thing, go here

This from Ageist…

I think you get it, the difference between the two “thought leaders.” One person uses the hashtag #nolimits, the other knows there are limits.

Both have done Ted Talks,

a kind of prerequisite for thought leadership. See Ashton’s here, and David’s here.

For me, the main difference between these people is that one is an author and activist, with what I think of as a necessary “hard-line,” and a business man, who wants to capitalize on the trend to redefine aging with what I’ll call a “point of view.” 

My question to you, and them if they would care to answer: are their approaches and goals so different as to be incompatible?

Are you naturally drawn to one more than the other? 

I would really like to see that face-to-face I mentioned earlier, I guess because besides being a catalyst, I’m a little bit of a trouble maker…


If you don’t know Jacquemus, go here to his official website, or here to his Instagram. Simon Porte Jacquemus is a designer of very large hats and very small handbags. He’s a very handsome, hirsute man, from the south of France, with a love for the sun and Morocco.

These earrings are filling my need for a simplicity in things. Wood, leather, fabrics that say 100% real something… 

I’m so tired of lies, self-serving exaggeration, and general disingenuousness. I want real things in my life. Wood is good, but this dress, also by Jacquemus…

is 80% cotton and 20% polyamide. Polyamide is nylon and nylon is basically plastic, and they are made from petrochemicals. The manufacturing of polyamide releases nitrous oxide into the air and micro fibers into the water when laundered. Not buying the dress.


“I don’t in general like body positivity. When I think about disability, it’s not something I need to feel positive or negative about. If we didn’t live in an ableist society, we would recognize that our bodies are all different and have different capacities. Most of us are trying to squeeze our bodies into capitalism. I don’t want to be wearing my “I heart disability” sandwich board and ringing my bell all the time. There are hard things about disability and that’s okay.Bodies are amazing and gross and weird and strange — why do we have to be so positive about it? Why is it so important for us to feel that way?”

—Mia Mingus

To learn more about Mia Mingus, go here.



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