Saramai, #mywrinklesaremystripes

Sarah1I wrote a little about Sarah Jane Adams here. Quite simply said, Sarah is a beauty. But as we know, there are lots of beauties around, the question is what makes an older woman not just physically beautiful, but beautiful throughout—body and soul?

Sarah is also known as Saramai, the reason being that she has spent a lot of time in India, where the suffix mai is an honorific for older women. Saramaijewels is the name of her jewelry business as well. To learn more about that, look here.  

Sarah is a businesswoman, world traveler, model, activist, and beauty. I suspect she would squirm at some of those terms; she does not like, I think, clichés, pat answers, or any kind of pap in general. Sarah’s hashtag is #mywrinklesaremystripes: no pussyfooting there!


Here’s how Sarah answered the five questions I’m asking each of the women I profile. Enjoy.

How do you know when you are seeing something beautiful?

Physical beauty to me is when something or someone captures my attention and interest and keeps me looking.

I see beauty in many things, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We have been taught that it is rude to stare so I do not spend too much time looking closely at people’s faces. Therefore personal beauty for me is more about the primal/sensation/feeling I get from someone. This sense of beauty transcends across the physical to the metaphysical plane. Seeing becomes feeling. Someone truly beautiful to me has to resonate on both levels.

As an antique jewelry dealer I do have a keen eye for beauty in objects, jewels, and gemstones. This is also inextricably entwined with a sense of desirability. In my profession, the commercial brain disciplines the emotive heart, and consequently I have developed a keen eye for what would be considered beautiful and desirable.sarah8

How would you describe your beauty?

I think my beauty is raw, natural, aging, unaltered, accepting, at ease. It’s very much to do with my attitude, as are these adjectives.

sarah9When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel my beauty in freedom. I feel most beautiful when I am travelling, anonymous, free, and unanswerable to anyone. Responsible for myself yet not exactly sure of where I’m heading, only knowing it is forward.

sarah6Who/who taught you about beauty?

My heart.


What’s one beautiful thing that makes your heart leap?

My husband’s blue eyes make my heart leap. The eyes are truly the windows to the soul.

sarah5Please take a look at this video of Sarah, done by the mother/daughter team at Stylelikeu, where she talks about aging, her body, and menopause.




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