Sarah Jane Adams

IMG_4867 (1)This is Sarah Jane Adams and me. We sat in a coffee shop for a couple of hours the other day and talked—and I know it sounds cliché, but I felt like I had known her a long time. Sometimes you meet someone who seems like a friend, mentor, role model, sister, all of it, and even though the two of you are very different, somehow, you’re also the same.

These magical meetings have happened to me a few times this year and they’ve been precious. I don’t make friends easily. Frankly, it can be a struggle. Standup-style cocktail parties are my nightmare; the word “networking” sets my teeth on edge. Lately, I’ve been taking photographs of women from behind. I wish I could say this was a creative decision, but it wasn’t: I just find it hard to approach women to ask them if I can take a picture. 

Social media has been good to me. My shy, introverted, ADHD self can choose when, where, and how to communicate with people. Mostly the people who bother to follow me back, share things with me, comment on what I’m saying—they’re for real. It takes a little bit of effort to stay connected when the connections are as tenuous as they start out on social media.


I hope it’s not the case, but I may never be in the same room with Sarah again. In the big scheme of things that doesn’t matter. There’s a little thread connecting us, that’s what matters.


Sarah inspired the hell out of me. When I started blogging, she was exactly the kind of woman I wanted to meet and write about. You see, she’s rather rare, that’s the point. If you want to see what it is I find inspiring about Sarah, check out her medium of choice, Instagram: go to @saramaijewels




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