perfect imperfections


‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections’

-John Legend

I admit to a real fondness for this corny little John Legend song, All of Me. I can’t help humming to it when it comes on in a random store, in anywhere USA. I like both John and his wife, Chrissy Teigen. If you haven’t checked out her tweets, you should. They’re smart, funny, and well woke.

We’ve talked about it before, this need for women to assume an appearance of perfection in all things, and how stressful and trying that is.

I follow change though, and the “got to be perfect” mindset in the feminine psyche is rapidly changing. 

I think the recent “call outs” of men who have, in many cases, been abusing women for years, is a sign of the change.

When once we wanted to appear like nothing bad ever happened to us, because that would signal some kind of imperfection in us, today we are finally saying that it’s not us, but them.

By saying “#metoo” we are saying,” en masse, “screw perfection!” 

mediate_blarad_12Another great boot, this one from Stuart Weitzman. In the past, Weitzman has always seemed too expensive for me, but these days, not so much. The only thing I’m not sure about here are the gussets.

How many more pairs of boots am I going to be able to buy in my life?

A good pair of boots should last for years, so if I’m lucky, I’ve got maybe 3 or 4 pairs left. Do you ever think of this when purchasing higher ticket items? Be realistic, we are finite, buy the best that you can.





This, new from Diane Von Furstenburg. I believe I could wear this, I really do. Screech, it’s yellow, a color I “traditionally” don’t like. But there’ something about this that so appeals to me. Yes, even the bared midriff…

We’re told to “accentuate the positive,” and deemphasize the “negative” when we dress, and I do have a thing waist. Ok, my six-pack has some extra padding on it, but it still shows. There certainly isn’t a lot of skin showing here…

What do you think?

Women Working


This women working is a woman about to be working as a New York City police officer. I discovered her posing for her family, just after her graduation, and when I asked her if I too could take her picture, she exuberantly said yes.

She looks so young, happy, and ready for anything. Being a cop anywhere is a tough job, and what makes a woman decide to enter into that world must be a complex decision. I wish her well, may she do a good job, and stay safe. Respect.



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