a day of quotation marks


Ugh, I woke up with a cold nose. I woke up with a cold nose, and that is not a good sign given that I don’t live in a cabin in Vermont, that’s heated with a wood-burning stove. And I was sleeping under a down comforter with a man who radiates heat like a, well, radiator. 

Third world problems affecting my lifestyle again.

Irreverent humor helps when you haven’t showered in two days, still have an aching back, and, did I mention my cold nose? Husband heats water for a shave, joking about “going European,” while I attempt to make myself “presentable” for Starbucks, aka, my “office.” 

Obviously, this is going to be a day of quotation marks…


“Athleisure,” a term I don’t especially like, but a style I think I will be embracing more fully, soon. I’ve started working out again,

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the slump

This is an old post, that I’m reposting today because I’ve been incapacitated by a backache. Ugh. Hope you enjoy…

You find yourself sitting at your desk — and suddenly you become aware that you’re slumping, again. Your chest is caved, your head is hanging, and so far forward you might as well be typing with your nose.

Or, standing in line at the supermarket, you look at the people in front of you: all slumpers.

Then you check in with yourself… slumping! Why?

We’ve all heard about good posture and its many benefits, but we all continue to slump. Slumping seems natural, doesn’t it? Well, in a way it is.

A really interesting thing to understand, if you want to do something about your posture, is this: In the womb, our spines are in flexion; we are curled in that really sweet embryonic curve, the one you see on the ultrasound.

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ultra violent

Photography by Maria Ziegelboeck, Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood

Ultra Violent

When I first mentioned Ultra Violet, the Pantone “color of the year,” I said I preferred the Cabernet, plum, and Merlot colors of seasons past. Is this dress from Vivienne Westwood Ultra Violet? I think so, and although I might not wear it, I like it.

I also like the bed here. Why stand on a bed? Who knows, it’s fashion. 

And lastly I love the harness! 

When I hear the words “Ultra Violet,” I can’t help thinking it would be a great name for a stripper, and I can’t help thinking that “Ultra Violent” would have been a good name for a 70’s Punk Rock band. This is how my mind works… 

Photo: Courtesy of Nina Ricci

While perusing pictures of collections to come, I discovered these true Merlot and Cabernet from Nina Ricci’s and Cinq à Sept, pre-Fall collections. So heads-up these are the colors of Fall!

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the smell of entitlement

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I’ve been fantasizing. I’ve been fantasizing about where I could wear this very “not me” dress. Cinque Terre, maybe. Greece, possibly. Paris, probably not. A balcony in Verona.

God, how I need fantasy lately!

I go to bed at night, grateful for what I have but also dreading what’s to come tomorrow. I know my life is a cake walk compared to what most women, and men, in this world are going through.

But I can’t help feeling that I deserve more, a feeling I loathe for its smell of entitlement.

This dress is from the Brock Collection. Click here, right now, to see a jazzy little video and some gorgeous dresses.

Hey Girls

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