when the truth eludes you

Detail of a work by Thornton Dial at the Met Breuer

when the truth eludes you

pay up

What do you do when the truth eludes you? When you just can’t get the unvarnished truth, when it seems to be almost hiding from you, when you suspect that there’s actually some truth on both sides?   

This is the situation I recently found myself in, when I got in between a small, emerging fashion brand based in the United States and a small manufacturer based in Nepal. Here’s a condensed version of the story that grew rapidly and became relatively big, fast.

While scrolling through my Instagram feed last week, I came upon a picture of a small group of Nepalese women, holding signs urging a fashion brand to, essentially, pay up.

The text accompanying the picture said that the brand had ordered, received, and had been selling garments on-line, garments for which the women who made them, presumably the women in the picture, had been waiting for payment in full, for a long time.

These kinds of pictures float through my feed all the time and fairly often, I repost them. I don’t do so mindlessly. I read the accompanying text, pay attention to which brand, designer, or manufacturer is being accused of what. I do some research myself, or I make sure I know and can trust those who have, and I take into account how well documented the alleged, egregious behavior is. 

Calling people, companies, politicians, organizations, and even governments out is one aspect of social media I believe in.

“greenwash” it

I believe also that one has to be careful in the way they do the “calling out.” I did, and still do feel fine about reposting the Nepalese women’s post. I have no problem pointing out that too often this is how the business of fashion, especially fast fashion, works and the kinds of things it’s guilty of.

Go to a poor, “third world” country, find a manufacturer who works fast and cheap, don’t ask too many questions about how the women are treated and paid, and you have yourself a “relationship.”

If you want, you can even “greenwash” the situation.

You can tell your customers that every aspect of manufacture is done ethically and sustainably, the workers are housed in nice dorms, in the lovely countryside, the

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there is only space for the truth


rachel peru style


“We all know that this is the end of the comedy. For Everybody. In one hundred years from now, everybody’s going to be bald. This is it. And you know that you have to use every speck of your life to do the things that you want to do. There is only space for the truth. There are no more games. The games kind of disappear, and you just concentrate on things that are really important.”

—Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas had a heart attack for all of us, and we should be grateful. People who come back from heart attacks, cancer, an accident, or any kind of “near death experience” always have something juicy and incisive to say.

Banderas took it to another place, a truth filled, poetic place.

I admire his eloquence, and I love the way he phrases things. You can tell that English was not his first language, yet he expresses himself so well. And how good is this: “We all know that this is the end of the comedy.” 


Fashion Institute of Technology


“Known worldwide through knowledge unique to the House passed down from generation to generation, the Stockman mannequins are used by the biggest names of high fashion and the fashion industry. Hand-crafted in the shop located next to Paris, the Stockman busts have the elegance and refinement of knowledge do the French.”


If you’ve ever been around dress forms, or “dummies,” as they have been often called, you’ve seen Stockman imprinted at the neck. Because, like a lot of designers, seamstresses, and fashion type people, I have a thing for dummies, I had to find out more about this mysterious “Stockman.”

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eileen fisher, not-quite-perfect

Victoria and Albert Museum 

the real perfect boot

eileen fisher

Not quite perfect but close. I went to an Eileen Fisher, “Not-Quite-Perfect” sale on Saturday at Fab Scrap. The skirt fit me perfectly, and I think you’ll agree, looks good despite the wrinkles, the only thing wrong with it . 

Because I didn’t have a lot of time, and because I didn’t want to shop for shoppings sake, I more or less grabbed 4 things and headed for the ersatz dressing room.

That’s Leslie, my dressing room-mate. She put on pant after pant, and they all looked good on her.

Some sweaters, pants, skirts, and dresses, did have pulled threads, or small holes but nothing that couldn’t be easily mended. This skirt, although a really yummy, heavier knit,

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choose your influencer

photo: Greta Thunberg’s Facebook page

choose your influencer
older woman sexuality

When I started writing this post, on Monday, Greta had not yet given her speech at the U.N. Then she did and the shite really hit the fan. The haters came out in full strength. Then, after her speech, I reposted a quote on Instagram, that I grabbed from the brand Tome:

“Let this give you pause: @gretathunberg is changing the world, @kimkardashian is designing it more spanx. Choose your influencer.”


I read a concise little article, by Jennifer O’Connell, at the Irish Times recently: “Why is Greta Thunberg so triggering for certain men?” At first, it is quite puzzling. Middle aged men have been belittling this small powerhouse of a 16-year-old, in the press and on social media, like she was some sort of modern-day plague. 

Well guess what, she is. She’s a pox on the patriarchy, and the best part of it is that she doesn’t care what they think, that’s not what she cares about and that’s precisely what enrages the men more than the truth she speaks.

They don’t like that she makes them listen, they don’t like that she speaks with confidence, they don’t like that she quotes scientific facts, and that she’s speaking at the U.N. this week, but what positively enrages them is that she doesn’t care what they think!

She’s supposed to care, she’s a female child. 

What enrages me about these men is that I experienced the same thing when I was a young girl. While I was nowhere near as poised, well-informed, or dedicated to anything at Greta’s age, I was what was called “rebellious.” I always questioned authority, especially the authority of older men. Why this was true is complex and a story for another time, but that’s my experience. 

At times, I’m sure that my “opposition,” and the way I expressed it, was inappropriate, more often though, I believe it was spot on. I knew that what I was hearing and seeing, or being asked to do was wrong, and perhaps like Greta, my 16-year-old life experience had made me fearless.

She’s supposed to care, she’s a female child.

What the men who ruthlessly and relentlessly attack Greta are seeing in her is the unfiltered behavior that young, strong, and intelligent girls portent: Greta will grow up to be a strong woman, a woman who speaks her mind articulately and with confidence.

The men, and some women, are full of foreboding. No one knows what will be, very few of us think that we’re heading towards some kind of utopia but, inevitably, Greta’s detractors will fade away. And whether or not I’m here when they do, I can’t wait.


These earrings are made by Avery Gregory. If you like natural colors, the colors of the earth, and if you like shapes and multiples of things, and if you like rocks, and clay, follow her on Instagram.

The earrings are ceramic, almost 3″ in diameter and very thin and light, like fine wafers.

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