models, markets, mushrooms, and more

Latvia is about models, markets, mushrooms, and more. It’s the kind of place that is often called a country with a “complex and troubled history.” It’s the kind of history that maybe even most historians don’t want to delve into. It’s the kind of history that most people simply want to ignore, because it’s too much trouble to try to understand.

It’s also a fascinating place and history, and well worth trying to understand.

Back when I told you I was going to take a break from the blog for the summer, I honestly didn’t know where I was going in this stage of my life, besides Latvia. But I’m back in New York with a renewed spirit. I traveled, I met wonderful people, I did things I had never done before, I saw beauty, and I was, indeed, inspired. I did what I set out to do. There will be more, but let me start with models, markets, and mushrooms.

Karlina Caune

Picture: Visual Optimism

Latvia has the tallest women in the world (and the second tallest men), that statistic shows up in those tables and lists of all sorts of records and “the most…” Perhaps that’s why we have a fair amount of models and accomplished athletes as well?

I can attest to the height of my fellow “sisters.” It was convenient for me to hop up onto the sidewalk while my friends walked in the street in old Riga, the capital of Latvia. It’s then that we were “level” and able to converse without me getting a crick in my neck.


Latvians love berries! We eat them off the bushes, we make all sorts of juices, and jams, and desserts, Continue Reading


a blog is like a lover

a blog is like a lover
content creating
summer suiting 

hello young lovers

age buster

A blog is like a lover: he stirs your heart and soul, but sometimes you think you might be better off without him. 

A blog is like your mother, never satisfied with the way you assimilated the lessons she taught you. A blog is like a sister, I can only imagine, a roller coaster of a relationship, frightening in both the love and exasperation you can feel for her. A blog is like a husband, sometimes you just need a vacation from him.

A blog is like your BFF, sometimes distant, but always good to reunite with.

Add to that my followers, and I have a whole village of people I feel I have to answer to.

That’s me anyway, that’s my relationship to Look For The Woman. But damn it,

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shoe be do be do

shoe be do be do,
freda salvador
diversity in fashion
more edges
letter from the editor

Ah, shoe be do be do, the search, the search for the perfect shoe, sandal, boot. If there’s anything you actually search for, even research, it should be footwear. Our feet are our base, if our feet hurt, can we ever feel good? If our shoes are shabby, can we ever look good? 

Cheap shoes, one of the the first posts I wrote was about cheap shoes.

I like the clunky, “edgy,” slightly orthopedic look of these sandal/shoes. 

They look like good shoes to travel in, and since I’m doing a bit of traveling this summer, I thought I would try them on. I can see them with jeans as well as a summery dress. They’re by a small, California company, Freda Salvador.

Orthopedic or not, I’m going to try them on tomorrow. 

diversity in fashion

Photo: Getty Images

This striking person is, Ezra Miller, actor, singer, and model. Just posting this picture here because of all the talk about diversity in fashion and on the runway. I like the models you can’t readily identify as “black,” “hispanic,” “gay,” “male” or “female.”

I like the blurring of lines that’s happening in societies all over the world.

Fashion is more and more closely resembling the people we see on the streets, but I’m sure that Mike Pence is not the only one positively throwing fits over these changes. I get that, it’s a big change for a lot of people. “What, someday we may all be indistinguishable from one another?”

No more readily identifiable, dreamy, pure, long-legged, long-haired Norwegian blonds? 

No more dark-haired, thick eye-browed, big-bosomed Sophia Loren look alikes? People might all be androgynous? How would we jump to judgement, how would we stereotype?

Wouldn’t we be lucky if we got to that place, that world, just a milk chocolate-colored mass of humanity? Thoughts about this?

more edges

Thought I would bring you more of what I’m calling “edges.” This is one from the famous/infamous Olsen twins, and God forgive me, but I don’t know which. No matter, I’ve always admired their style, a lot. 

Even though one of my friends says, “they dress like old women,” (ageist!), those girls were born with taste.

I don’t know if this look is just a big scarf, shawl, or blanket? I like that easy drape and knot on the side, and I’m wondering if one could sew a dress that looked exactly like that?  

Photo: Getty Images

This dress by Jonathan Cohen! For someone who’s not into pattern, how crazy that I would be attracted to this crazy quilt of a dress. Really though, more than the pattern, I’m nuts about the concept, the handkerchief size pieces of fabric, seemingly tied together. 

Maybe one could actually use thrifted scarves to make this dress? I recently made another trip to Fab Scrap, and with this dress in mind I found similar sized swatches of cotton fabric I’m going to play with. 


Dangerous Coats

Someone clever once said
Women were not allowed pockets
In case they carried leaflets
To spread sedition
Which means unrest 
To you and me
A grandiose word
For commonsense
So ladies start Sewing
Dangerous coats
Made of pockets & sedition

—Sharon Owens



details and edges

details and edges
never look away, *spoiler
the gut punch



cheap thrills

I’m always in search of details and edges, otherwise known as something “different,” or as the French say, “autre chose,” which, by the way is the name of a restaurant I used to work for in Boston.

Is this a search for novelty, a cheap thrill, or just a sign of my inability to focus? 

Probably all three, but no matter, “make your crazy work for you.” While intense and prolonged focus may not be my thing, I’m a freak for detail. Attention to detail is my “super power.” 

In fashion, of course, the notion of detail is hugely important. Real fashion, fashion with a capital F, is about details. A dress, after all, is a dress: a “bag” with an opening for your head, arms, and legs. 

It’s in the details that a dress becomes fashion.

define edgy

I know “fashion” in some circles has become a filthy, dirty word. Too bad, I say, for those circles. For what it’s worth, I’m using the word fashion to Continue Reading