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Get Real

Who likes Lauren Hutton? I do, I liked her the first time I saw her. Perhaps I liked her because I was, and am, so unlike her. Thirty plus years ago she seemed like the quintessential American Beauty to me, and although my taste has changed, she still is the American Beauty she was. 

She was the first “super model” I became aware of. That gap in her teeth, and the way she proudly possessed it, was before its time. Whether she was wearing J. Crew or Dior, she looked supremely her own woman. And looking at her today, it’s quite obvious that she has had no work done.

That’s why I was livid when I saw this quote, from about a year ago, in the Daily Mail. I don’t know how I missed it when it came out? 

“She’s back! Lauren Hutton, 72, looks youthful on Milan runway with Gigi Hadid 36 years after hit Richard Gere movie American Gigolo.” 

You know what I say to that, don’t you? She doesn’t look youthful, she looks her age! She looks like a beautiful woman, precisely her age. #getreal


 Valentino, Fall 2017


Yannis Vlamos

Trending, this color, as well as every other variation of red, pink, and orange. I think it’s going to remain this way through Fall and Winter, and by God, I’m starting to love it!



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This is Melanie Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret. Melanie is funny, really funny. She’s also one of the best personal style bloggers around. But enough with the admiration that just sounds like flattery. 

I love the way Melanie does menswear. Some women do look like they are trying to look like men, when they wear what is traditionally men’s clothing. While there’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s your goal, for most of us it isn’t.

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Marie Hell


I did a couple of photo shoots recently for my friends at Marie Hell. This one took place at Lincoln Center. It’s an inspiring venue due to the architecture, the fountain, and other public art and spaces. This Marie, the Play, is one of my favorite “Maries” for several reasons. I love the color, it’s a deep, inky blue. It’s less harsh than my usual black, but still “safe” for those like me, who want to stay clear of light colors.

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Men and women are not supposed to compliment each other, ever. That’s what I’ve been noticing anway. Compliments like: “that suit looks good on you,” “nice earrings,” or a generic, “you look good today,” are considered inappropriate.

To be sure, when I’m walking down the street, and some random man leers at me and does the “looking good” thing, it’s just irritating.

That’s some random guy though, and I neither want nor appreciate his commentary. But when a coworker, friend, or casual acquaintance, of either sex, compliments me, I always appreciate it.

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