cautiously optmistic

cautiously optimistic
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Women protest for the right to enter a temple, January 1, in Kerala State, India.

“Cautiously optimistic,” sounds like the prognosis for the development of a disease, but in this case I’m cautiously optimistic about 2019.

Like many of us, I’ve felt kind of “sick” these past two years.  

There have been so many things to be sick about, and yet the aftermath of illness, even crises, is sometimes a new kind of health. We realize what caused us to be sick, what we’ve learned from it, and what we have to do next.

Yes, we’re weary, but also wiser and ready to move on with compassion towards ourselves and others. 

During that week between Christmas and the New Year, the one I like so much, I heard quite a few people talking about their resolution to be more “mindful” in the upcoming year. That’s one of my goals, because one way to remain healthy is to stay mindful.

When you pay attention to what’s going on around you, you can better attend to the needs of others as well as your own. It’s a must for health and happiness and one you can only really appreciate once you start practicing. So start already.

what i’ve found

In my continued search for unique, ethically made, smaller companies that make quality products I’ve found some things I want to share with you. Most of them, from bed sheets to cashmere sweaters, I’ve bought myself. 

I’ve done the research, I’ve slept on the sheets and worn the cashmere.

Other things I’ve discovered while doing what I do: endlessly “catch and curate,” by perusing magazines, reading blogs, looking at Instagram, and visiting new brands. While these are endorsements, none have been sponsored.


Because my husband, henceforth to be known as K, took the week off between Christmas and the New Year, we slept a lot, really, a lot. That’s not something we usually do, but I think we were trying to “catch up.”

Whether or not catching up with sleep is possible, I can’t help but believe that the new Brooklinen sheets I bought for us before Christmas had something to do with how well we slept.

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it’s a wrap, pull the plug

pull the plug
wrapping it up

Like many of us, I feel like saying “it’s a wrap, pull the plug on 2018, I’m done.” But it’s sad to “condemn time,” to wish badly that something just end. 

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, and if I make any, I like to get a head start on them. I suppose that way I can feel virtuous the first day of the year, because even though I might be nursing a champagne hangover like everybody else, I’ve at least started something.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s, it seems like the perfect time to start something new. 

Out with the wrapping paper, bows, and tree, out with what I don’t need, or like, out!

One thing I hear lots of people talk about is pulling the plug on some of their social media use.

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geniuses and fashionistas

they wore coats
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geniuses and fashionistas 

I ended up at the Apple Store, on Madison Avenue, this past Sunday. That either sounds very interesting to you or infinitely boring. For me, it turned out to be a winter fashion review. There were “geniuses” and fashionistas.

The building, was originally a bank, with vaulted ceilings, a marble staircase, and the bank vault on view. And what did they wear? They wore coats. 

I was there with my husband, (tangent coming). Oh how I dislike the term “hubby.” I mean really, must you? 

I’m afraid that “hubby” might be what Pence’s “mother” calls him.

And partner has always meant business partner to me, which I suppose spouses are, but still, it’s so cold, so clinical, partner.

Perhaps I should call my husband “pardner,” like in the Old West, or like the “old salt” we knew on Cape Cod? He called my husband “pard.” Ok, I’m a bit hypomanic today—tangent over.

This is what the simple folk, of Madison Avenue, were wearing. Colorful coats, not the usual black that most citizens of New York are in year around.

This woman’s coat looks just red here, probably because she is standing next to the red t-shirts of the geniuses, but her coat was more like a rich persimmon color, a color I’ve been attracted to for a long time.

Another style was the faux fur teddy bear like coat. “Teddy bear” coats are everywhere, I think its fair to say that everybody has now “knocked off” the original Max Mara coat. 

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loyal like a puppy

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loyal like a puppy

You might ask where I’ve been for the past week or so? Well, I haven’t been to Paris, not even in my mind. I have been to a kind of private hell, a hell of my own making. I’ve been loyal like a puppy.

Briefly, let me tell you about it and see if you can relate, and let’s see if we can do anything about not doing it again, shall we?

I took on a job, a project really, one that from the beginning I thought of as temporary. It was supposed to be a way to have some fun, doing something with fashion, and make some money. Ha!


My problem is, that like a puppy, I am sickeningly loyal.

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