excuse me while i show you my football


“Excuse me…” That’s what the fit model said the first time I saw her do this. What the what? Well apparently, the piece of cloth that makes up the crotch of swimwear and other pant-like garments, is called a “football.” (You know, that little wedge of cloth that connects to the larger pieces of fabric, it’s football shaped!)

This is just one of the many terms I’m learning as I’ve ventured into another swimwear project.

My first such experience took place last year, but who knew that just a year later I would become what Sarah, the boss lady, calls the “swimsuit whisperer.”

We rush from trim specialists, where we choose zippers and elastic, to fabric store to pattern makers. Japanese ribbon? Yes please. A fitting with our fit model, seen above. Sure.  

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New Instagram to follow www.instagram.com/gloriousbroads/

Maryjane Fahey, the woman behind Glorious Broads, is a new friend and a glorious broad herself. I love the joyous, straight forwardness of her approach.

Picture of the week


If you don’t already know, I take pictures of women from behind because in the beginning, I found it hard to ask women if I could take their picture, now I just love what I see. There’s a whole other person there and different details to observe. 

People liked this picture, and it tells me that my followers like simplicity and have good taste!

Trending but I’m kind over it already

I’ve always loved beach baskets like this one. This year they’re are hundreds of variations of woven baskets and bags around. There are huge embroidered ones, flat round ones, and the plain French style market-basket. If I have the money for high quality things, I never regret buying quality, however, this basket at Anthropologie cost $318.00 and that just pissed me off. 


Random quote because you’re not scared enough

“Every two seconds an area of rainforest the size of a football field is cut down. Despite their immense value, nearly 50% of the world’s forests have already been lost. When forests are cleared, they emit CO2 back into the atmosphere and put humanity on a dangerous collision course with the worst of climate change.  In fact, deforestation accounts for around 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans — about the equivalent of emissions from all of the cars and trucks on Earth combined. Deforestation rates continue to climb each year as our population grows.” 

About me

I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting more lately. All of the truisms regarding being a blogger keep sloshing around my head. The do this and do that of life always get me down.


I’ve been working with people younger than me lately, and I’m really liking it. In the process, I’m making connections to other people who are interested in seeing different generations collaborate more often. I’m not talking about sharing an office with some millennials, or marching side by side but actually working on inter-generational projects together. Not sure how I feel about that word though: inter-generational. It kind of sounds like we could be talking about some kind of gene therapy.


After last week’s weekender I got a comment and questions about where to get some slow fashion leggings and t-shirts. I answered the reader with some links to some companies and one organization. The organization is Project Just.

If you want one place to go to read about slow and ethical fashion, for now anyway, this is it. The women who conceived of and lead this organization are professionals with a cause and that’s a serious mix. I’m warning you, they are looking for members but they do state that right up front. 

If you’re serious about wanting to learn about and support the slow fashion movement, do check them out.

About you

What’s bugging you? Do tell.


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women working, boss lady


This is what the business of fashion looks like: besides fabric, it’s buttons and elastic and zippers and more. Unless we sew our own clothes, these are not things we usually think about.

Unless the zipper sticks or the elastic pinches, we don’t much care about them.

But when you’re designing a garment they become very important, because they literally hold things together. This woman working is Sarah, whom I affectionately call “boss lady.” She has an education that includes the Pratt Institute, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and an MBA from the University of San Francisco. 

Sarah is an entrepreneur in the truest sense: she juggles several projects at once and each matters. She draws people into her projects and business and makes connections not just to them but amongst them. She has an eye for both the near and far, the details and the big picture. 

The fashion business is a very hard one, there are a million reasons to stay away from it.

One of the reasons to go into it is because you have a real passion that will get you through the hard times. Sarah has that passion, she has a passion not just for the details of designing a garment but for the women who will wear it. And I think you’ll agree, that is a very good thing.



New Instagram to follow www.instagram.mowhawkblock/

I don’t know much about Michelle aka: Mowhawkblock, but she’s my new favorite on Instagram. Check her out, she’s edgy, elegant, and grey.

Picture of the week

I love taking pictures, and about once a week I get a good one. I know it’s good because people on Instagram tell me so. This is this week’s picture.


About me


I was lucky enough to be chosen as a “Favorite Style Blogger” by AARP and #disruptaging. I am in some great company and very happy about it.



This year, like no other year before, I am finally sick of all my black clothes. They’re actually bumming me out!


I have become a “swimsuit” whisperer. More to come about this for sure. The dreaded swimsuit purchase is coming, and maybe I can help.

stylist, non stylist

Sometimes I think I need to be a stylist, because I see so many women who are unhappy with the way they dress. They’re ready to admit it, but they don’t know what to do. They’re wearing frumpy clothes and fast fashion and they’re unhappy about it. I think however, I would call myself a “non stylist.” 

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What’s bugging you? Do tell.