calling them out

calling them out

I’m calling Everlane out! Those of you who have been reading me for a while, know I’ve had an ambivalent relationship with Everlane for as many years as they have existed. Funny, that I use the word “relationship,” but by now, that’s what it feels like.

In short, I support what they say their mission is, but I question the sincerity and intentions behind the statements they make.

I want to believe this is a different kind of company, but I’m not sure it is.

Perhaps I’m guilty of a common mistake, we tend to think that those who share some of our values, share all of our values.

If you’re a “liberal,” that means you believe in A, B, and C, just like me. 

Well, I’m sorry if I’m making that mistake. 

I’m tired of diversity including everyone but those over a “certain” age.

When I walked into the first, very new, Everlane store today, I saw some things I expected and others I didn’t.

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lost: my millennial

I lost my millennial, but all is not lost. It’s alright, and my search for a collaborator is on again. If anyone out there wants to work with a beautiful mess, contact me. Onward and upward!


Christmas lists, there are so many Christmas gift lists out there! Rather than do another, I’m going a different way, I’m going to show you one beautiful thing a day. Like always, I’ll try for things that are slow fashion, or made in America, or made by small designers and makers, or all three.

Today, this scarf from Olivia Wendel

“…While figures remain still on flat paper, printing them onto fabric gives them movement and presence. Employing painting as a form of choreography, Olivia Wendel invents figures who dance in a realm somewhere between memories and dreams.”

I first saw and felt one of these scarves downtown, at the Canal Street Market. To say that the scarf was scrumptious, would be an understatement. While the designs for the scarves are painted by Wendel in Brooklyn, they are printed onto silk and wool in Italy! The best of both worlds.


In a parallel universe we have a female president?


a beautiful mess

Earring of the Day

This single ear pendant, from Luiny, answers to my love of, what should we call it, quirkiness? Just imagine wearing this, just this one piece of jewelry, with a black dress and red or pink lipstick.

Minimalism anyone?

A Beautiful Mess

My “slow fashion shop” is a mess, and it has been for a while. I’m trying to think of a way to responsibly curate, catalog, and present things in a timely fashion. I’m drawing blanks, I’m wondering if anyone cares, I’m wondering if I care about anyone caring…

I am a “solipsistic mess,” I am the kind of person who uses the word solipsistic and then looks it up to make sure I know what it means.

One definition of solipsistic: extreme geocentrism.

Great, I’m Trump with better hair. So much for the Monday morning philosophy chat. (Actually, it’ almost 11:00.) Repeat after me, “I am a beautiful mess.”

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holiday stress

Holiday stress is not what she wants. Here’s a suggestion.

Relaxation 101

It’s inevitable, stress is inevitable, especially during the holidays. Why is that? I’m part of a very small, mostly Jewish, family.

Generally speaking we do not “celebrate” in any big, formal way. I do not have tons of social, religious, or personal obligations or desires to fulfill.

Nevertheless, the holiday stress has arrived!

And so this pose, a supported or “resting” uttanasana. If you’ve ever done yoga, perhaps by just looking at this position, Continue Reading