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I have been reading fashion blogs for about four years now. I happened on them in some article, in some magazine, can’t remember which. What I do remember is thinking: “Cool. People do this?” The article had a list of the “top ten fashion blogs.” I started reading them—those and more—everyday. Now, it’s my coffee cup and my favorite peeps. Today I present you with a few of them.

I usually have a certain order in which I visit. Sometimes I do mix it up a bit, but I always start with Garance Doré. She’s my lady. Read her and you’re reading someone who just plain loves not just fashion—but life.

Then I move on to The Sartorialist. (Now, the man behind The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, is in a relationship with Garance Doré, but I am not authorized to write about that. What I can do, is show you a picture of Scott Schuman that I took.


This is a lousy picture and I know it. I’m not yet a great photographer, but Mr. Schuman is; please check his work out. I show the picture because I love the pose, if I can call it that, and I loved that The Sartorialist agreed to let me take a picture of him.)

Last on my list today is, the man repeller. Leandra Medine is The Man Repeller, and as the name of her blog suggests, we are talking attitude here. But not asshole attitude (not to worry, Leandre herself sometimes has a potty mouth)—a no-holds-barred, fantastic, beautiful, wonderful, human woman attitude. She also happens to be a great writer. Read this




  • Shhhhhh, Anita – Scott and Garance broke up! I think it was late last year sometime. I was told that they had kept it quiet and apparently so if you’re only getting the news now! I have a friend who loves the Daily Mail (a trashy tabloid newspaper here in the UK which I pretty much despise) and she knows that I’m also a fan of Garance – so she was keeping me in on the gossip! Trust the UK papers to be all over this – honestly, the tabloids here are like blood hounds when it comes to bad news and celeb break-ups! xx

    • Anita Irlen says:


      (See the reply to Jen.) Also check out Jen’s blog! I love Garance, and I remain very loyal to Scott, the Sartorialist. He is a wonderful photographer but people can be very mean to him. He sometimes gets really critical, nasty actually, comments on his blog and Instagram. Garance’s new boyfriend is a local NYC singer/performer. Wow, the things I know these days! I’m like a tabloid. ): xx



      • Ha ha, I liked your last comment!

        I agree – I’m a big fan of both Scott and Garance and I too feel that he gets unfairly attacked. People who spent their time being mean and nasty need to get lives.

        That is all.

        Esther xx

  • Jennifer says:

    I heard they broke up too! She’s a great read and very inspiring. Fun too!

    • Anita Irlen says:


      I know they split up, and I should have noted that before I reposted. A lot of people were sad about their split. It was an interesting phenomenon in the blogging world. How do two very successful people break up “in public,” so to speak. They did it in a very low-key and classy way.

  • cherie says:

    I love Leandra! Have you read her book? If you like her blog you will love her book. I find her so refreshing and real. And,her style is so unique. Great post!


    • Anita Irlen says:


      Leandra is amazing. She’s so young and so accomplished, such a great writer. She also seems just generally nice. No, I haven’t read her book. Thanks for reminding me about it! Thanks for the comment.

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