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I don’t know exactly when it started, I wasn’t really aware of the process. I don’t know if one day something just cracked, and it crossed over some line. It, Look For The Woman, is becoming a webzine.  

Maybe it’s simple, I’ve always loved magazines. From an early age, the dreamer in me felt nourished by what were called the “glossies.” When I grew up a bit and was able to travel, my favorite thing was to stop at the newstand, in the airport or train station, to buy a magazine for the trip.

The simplicity of this, at the time four or five dollar treat, still makes me smile.

There are other reasons this transition seems natural to me. Some of them are more personal than others. The most bittersweet realization about the blog and me is, that I don’t do narrative well. I love narrative, I need narrative, but I just can’t seem to do it.

Some bloggers move seemlessly from one post to another, gently leading us down their personal paths, able to selflessly establish intimate relationship with their readers.

 These blogger’s individual posts can be all about them, but they are not the point, the story is. 

My blog posts tend to be short and sweet, and disjointed. My PTSD, ADHD anxiety addled brain is wired that way. I’ve got it pretty bad, but I don’t despair. As my friend used to say: “make your crazy work for you.” 

And while I’m fine disclosing that little piece of information, you now know I won’t be writing a narrative about the history of my ailments.

If you, my readers, want to get to know me, you’ll have to get to know me primarily between the lines and amidst the tidbits. I suspect that’s what you have been doing. Perhaps you’ll even get to know me better now?  I’ll be more my true self afterall.

I’ve mentioned before that curation comes naturally to me. I’ve always gathered bits, pieces, and snippets of things. If it has to do with fashion, art, design, and style I seem to collect it like a human magnet. This Zine is going to continue to reflect that and more.

  I’m going to make my crazy work for me, and I hope you’ll enjoy the result.

Two of the best, what I’m calling “intimate bloggers,” are Lyn Slater at Accidental Icon and Jamie Beck at Ann Street Studio.




  • Now THIS is exciting! And now you’ve shared your plans I’m thinking, “Of course, this is perfect for Anita”. I love that you’ve recognised your strengths, I’m struggling to write since returning to blogging because I want to move away from always sharing personal posts, to creating more useful and informative content. It will come, but it doesn’t come naturally. I look forward to following this next chapter and I love that you’re allowing this space to change and grow! Esther xx

    • Anita Irlen says:


      Well, you know that your understanding and ‘approval’ really mean something to me. It will come. Blogging is hard! Sometimes I wonder why we do it, and then I remember that I do have something to say, something to give to people, and I know you do too. xxx

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