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Falling In Love Again…

If you google Casey Legler, you’ll come up with titles like: “Casey Legler In Vogue: Feature Praises ‘Female Male Model’, “Model Casey Legler: is she the perfect man?” and ‘It’s easier to model as a man than a woman’: Casey Legler.” My title: Warning, Woman Crush!

To push the this is not what it seems thing even further, I’ll say that Casey is a new old thing.

She’s a Marlena Dietrich “falling in love again…” in the movie The Blue Angel, she’s David Bowie in a suit and false eyelashes, she’s Melanie in her best menswear style, and she’s a Helmut Newton photograph.

None of these things are new, they’re recurring themes that have come and gone in the past.

The avant-garde, artists, and bohemians have always been willing to embrace androgyny and some blurring of boundaries regarding sexual identity. But this time, I think it’s different. 

This time I don’t think it’s about women dressing like men to get ahead in the corporate world.

It’s not about those “dress for success” suits, with the bows at the neck, that simulated the male neck tie. This time it’s about who you are as an individual not as a member of this, that, or other sexual identity.

As far as dressing goes, it’s about wearing who you are. 

Casey Legler by Jean-Baptiste Mondino - 1

And while most of us are never ever going to look this absolutely stunning in a suit, if this is who you are, wear you.

Legler is also a former Olympic swimming contestant, an artist, and the first woman with a contract as a ‘male model’ with the Ford Agency. She appears to be unlimited in her definition of herself. This is what thrills me about Legler and others like her, the avant-garde

We need outliers, envelope pushers, and out of the box thinkers to remind us that our definitions of our selves are limited only by ourselves. 

Sexy Socks


I recently purchased my first pair of sexy trouser socks. I wasn’t really sure how I was going to feel in them, I’m really kind of a Smart Wool woman. But I had been eyeing all the sexy trouser socks around, when I wandered into a store that sold these Hysteria socks.


Besides liking the name, I like the idea of wearing sexy, colorful socks with a black pantsuit and heels. 


“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”

-Ernst Haas



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