no escape

No Escape

I’ve said it before, I started blogging about style and fashion and all the fluffy stuff, because I had become exhausted by the tough stuff. Years of work with and among the marginalized had finally overwhelmed me with its ugliness. Please read Vodka and Chanel 19 here

But I am preternaturally unable to ignore the environment around me, I am hypersensitive, I am an empath!

I can’t hide it and I can’t run from it, it always finds me and then shames me for turning my back on it. The tough stuff, the ugliness. There’s no escape.

Currently, there is nothing as ugly to me as that ass and all that it represents. 

I was struck by how many times I heard and read the word “rage” at and in conjunction with the Women’s March. And yet the beauty and peace were also there, in buckets and barrows, on the faces of the participants and the smiles of children.

How do we do this, how do we hold two opposing feelings in our minds?

 We’re women we are the multitaskers. We feel the rage, we feel the beauty.

Tables Turned

Have you seen these? They’ve been around for a while, but I recently ran into them again, and this time I was surprised by how they affected me. Maybe it’s because I took a deeper look? What I felt this time around was a profoundly deep revulsion

They’re advertisements, from the days of Mad Men that an artist has altered simply by switching the male and female images. Read here.

I couldn’t believe that this was acceptable in any way, at any time.

And yes, it looks especially wrong, because the men are the ones being spanked and stomped on. So what does that tell us?


Yes, all of the other models in this Gap ad from my inbox were the standard thin ones, but this one! I think she’s so beautiful, this “Plus Size” model. She’s lush, plush, and gorgeous. There’s plenty to be sad about, there’s plenty to be mad about, but as long as people keep learning and extending themselves, there’s hope.

I’ve been chronicling the changes in the fashion industry for some 5 years now, and things keep changing for good. 

There are setbacks and stupid mistakes, but on the whole fashion keeps pushing in the direction of diversity, inclusivity, and openness. 

Venice, Anyone?

My friend, Leslie, is suffering through a year’s sabbatical in Italy. Yeah, sad. You’ve read her before if you read What The Heart Wants, about her “Blue Monster.” And here, she’s writing truly wonderful, non standard “travel” stories about her travels in Italy. Enjoy.

Love, Anita


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  • Melanie says:

    Thanks for the tip about Leslie’s blog. I thought that man was a woman, so two women. That doesn’t make it any less repulsive. I don’t like it at all.

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