new york city blues and greys

View More:’s been grey in New York lately. I’ve been grey, or maybe it was grey blue? We so highly value constant “positivity” these days, it’s become almost a sin to say you’re a bit blue, melancholy. Moody, grey blue, I like it. 

I like the grey, the grey rainy days of early Spring are not all bad. They’re a good time to stay indoors and “go in,” as a beloved yoga teacher used to say, at the beginning of each class. We can’t live outdoors, or outside of ourselves all the time. 


There are things to be discovered inside:
in our minds, hearts, and psyches.



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View More: is going to come when it’s ready to. Spring is for action, for getting out and seeing things in that new, young way. I’m fascinated by buds: buds on trees, tulip buds, little green gnarly things on bushes. Even the babies, in their strollers are no longer swaddled like little mummies.

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The greys and blues give way to colors even I have to love.


Dusters are all over the place this Spring. I had never owned one until now. This one is from Peruvian Connection. It’s 100%, garment dyed linen from Portugal. Underneath it I’m wearing a cotton slip dress. The Frye sneakers are thrifted. The duster reminds me of an artist’s smock: it’s simple, utilitarian, and makes me feel reborn.




  • Delia says:

    I know what you mean about the blues and greys. New Jersey has been gifted a week of sunshine and everything shifts in the body-mind.

    Love the duster. Goes with your hair color and with the black slip dress it looks like you are stepping out of one season into another. Nicely done.

  • pia says:

    Love the duster too.

    Think grey is the new black. A bit softer and so so many shades!

    • Anita Irlen says:


      I’m loving grey right now, it might pull me out of my black. You’re right about the different shades of grey, they can be intense and steely, or soft and out of focus.

  • There’s something nice about the unexpected quiet of a day when grey and rainy weather makes you throw all your big plans out the window in favor of curling up on the counch with a cup of tea and a good book.

    Of course this weekend’s blue sky and sunshine was great!

    I like the duster.

    • Anita Irlen says:


      Yes, I need it all, I like weather. I lived in San Diego for awhile, and my husband and I grew tired of the constant temperature and relentless sun. Flip flops year around is not for me. Here’s to tea and rainy days.

  • Haralee says:

    I love the coat. It looks great. Colors with spring are truly popping up.

  • Sherry says:

    I was just telling my husband how I don’t mind the gray of Spring. Though I love it when it’s out, the sun sometimes is too overwhelming. As an introvert by nature, I relate completely to your sentiments about “going in.”

    I do love this outfit you’ve shared. It speaks to creativity to me. As you said, the duster has that artist feel to it. The photos have this feeling like you’ve just come from creating something marvelous from your inner self and now you’ve got to pop out and go buy some new supplies.

    Thank you for the inspiration and the wonderful reminder to “go in” sometimes.

    • Anita Irlen says:


      Introvert, me too. You’ve got it, one of the reasons I love clothes is because they can set a mood and “say” so much. Here’s to both of us creating something marvelous! And yes, going in is important. Thanks for the comment.

  • Esther Zimmer says:

    Anita, I just love these photographs, but your words, well – what can I say? They speak to my introverted heart, “There are things to be discovered inside: in our minds hearts and psyches” – I wish I’d written them myself!

    The duster is gorgeous, it has such an insouciant, stylish vibe. I hope that we get to share some of New York’s blues and greys soon. Much love, Esther. xx

  • Amy says:

    You are the best, always relevant, always present. I love your blog. Thanks for giving me your card in Fairway last spring.


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