monday morning quarterbacking

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Monday Morning Quarterback

There’s a lot of “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” going on today, and while I believe in critical thinking and staying away from the Kool-Aid, The Golden Globes will get nothing but good vibes from me. I swear I haven’t felt as good as I did watching TV last night, in a long time.

I’m always amused by the people who love to hate rich people while they are running out to buy a lottery ticket to become a rich person.

Even though a lot of the criticism is not just about wealth,

it’s still dishonest because it assumes there’s some kind of perfect person out here who has always acted 100% correctly when confronted with injustice. Well, I can tell you I have not.

I know very well that there have been times when I have been complicit.   

All sorts of people, rich and poor, do things to just get through the day, that in hindsight, may disgust them. Guilty. The point is becoming aware, changing for the better, and moving on. We will never move fast enough, and never, in unison, but we are moving.

Zoe Kravitz

I vote Zoe Kravitz! Actually, I felt like every single woman dressed in black yesterday looked especially wonderful. Proof, in my mind of course, that black is always best. I went through a slide show of 102 Golden Globes attendees this morning and I couldn’t find one I didn’t like.

Well, there was a woman named Blanca Blanco, dressed in a red dress with slits and slashes that exposed most of her body…

Besides Zoe, I think the other women from Big Little Lies looked fantastic. Each in her very own style, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, and Shailene Woodley, slayed! To me though, Zoe was the best. Oh and Elisabeth Moss, loved her signature style.


Look at these lovely earrings from the Irish, award-winning jeweler, Grainne Morton. Oh how they satisfy the need for quirky in me.

I call myself a curator, but maybe I’m just a magpie with a laptop? 

“If Grainne Morton was to have a spirit animal, no doubt it would be the magpie. Instinctively and obsessively drawn to collecting and hoarding anything miniature or precious that catches her eye, many things you or I would overlook, Grainne has amassed an incredible collection of objects – all destined to find their place among the tales she weaves within her jewelled compositions.”


“Happiness comes from being who you actually are 
instead of who you think you are supposed to be.”

-Shonda Rhimes




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